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What Is ELISA?

ELISA is the basic assay technique, known as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (also referred to as EIA: Enzyme Immunoassay) that is carried out to detect and measure antibodies, hormones, peptides and proteins in the blood.

Antibodies are blood proteins produced in response to a specific antigen. It helps to examine the presence of antibodies in the body, in case of certain infectious diseases.

ELISA is a distinguished analysis compared to other antibody-assays as it yields quantitative results and separation of non-specific and specific interactions that take place through serial binding to solid surfaces, which is normally a polystyrene multiwell plate.

Types Of ELISA

ELISA tests can be classified into three types depending upon the different methods used for binding between antigen and antibodies, namely:

Indirect ELISA

Sandwich ELISA

Competitive ELISA

Advantages Of ELISA

Following are some of the advantages of the ELISA technique:

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